Redwood Hills Jericho
DOB:  2/10/2013

LA 4-05  90  VEE

Jericho pictured at 1year

2013 Four Ring Maryland Buck show
Jericho was 4x1st and 4xJunior Champion
Josh has long been enamored with Tempo Aquila Freelance's beautiful daughters.  At the 2010 National Show, we spent alot of time admiring the beautiful does from Redwood Hills.  We talked and dreamed about one day adding one of their beautiful Alpines to our herd.  In celebration of our wedding in October 2010, we reserved a buck kid from Redwood Hills out of a young, relatively unknown doe named Julip.  Little did we know that we would end up waiting years for our buck kid or that Julip would end up producing the 2012 ADGA Jr National Champion!  We were very excited when the initial email from Scott Bice arrived announcing that Julip had delivered a chamoise buck and that he was ours.

Julip was the 7th place Senior Dry Yearling at the 2009 National show and was then the 3rd place with 3rd udder 2yr old at the 2010 National Show.  Her full genetic sister, Jamila, was 1st place at the National Show.

Julip's dam is the well known, SGCH Redwood Hills RememberJambalya.  The Freelance/Jambalya offspring have been amazingly consistent in the show ring, milk pail, and with their offspring.  While Jericho's sire, Sebastian, is a young buck, he comes from some amazing genetics.  His dam, Sarazina, is linebred on the great buck, Tangleroot Royal Image (the grandsire of Milar-Farm Royal Image).  Sarazina is a striking doe who has stood the test of time, appraising 92 at 7 years of age.

We are very excited to add this young buck to our herd.  With our long wait over, we are excited to begin breeding plans for the fall!

          GrandSire:  Colquitt's Andretti  LA 2-02  87
Sire:  Colquitt's Sebastian
          GrandDam:  SGCH Colquitt's Sarazina *M   LA 7-04  92

           GrandSire:  SG Tempo Aquila Freelance ++*B LA 5-03  91 EEEE
Dam:  Redwood Hills Lance Julip  5*M  LA 3-04  91
           (dam of the 2012 ADGA National Junior Champion)
           GrandDam:  SGCH Redwood Hills RememberJambalaya 4*M  LA 6-03  92 EEEE
           (2005 and 2007 ADGA National Champion and Best Udder)




We've been looking for a new buck to add and when we heard this guy was available we jumped at the chance to add him to our herd.

We love the overall width and dairy strength this boy has

SG Bearly Flashpoint Jetson   LA 90 VEEV

(photo courtesy of Ben Rupchis)


We were looking at using some Iron Rod genetics in our herd and our friend, Helen Snyder, found this handsome, buck kid for us.

He excels in dairy strength and flatness of bone.  We are excited to use him on a few does this fall. 


Kori-Brook Lance Kairo

DOB: 3/3/13

LA 4-04  90  VEE

Pictured at 1 year

Everybody in the Alpine world has heard of Freelance.  Josh has been an admirer of Freelance daughters for many years.  He has dreamed of owning a son or daughter of Freelance.  Years ago, we had the opportunity to bid on (and win!) Freelance semen through a Come to the Farm Benefit Auction.  We were delighted when Kaya settled to Freelance and eventually produced a LONG, super dairy buck kid.

Freelance has over 10 daughters that have appraised 90 or higher and several daughters that have been on the ADGA Top Ten.  Freelance was the Premier Sire at the 2009 ADGA Nationa Show.  He also had the 2010 1st place Sr Get of Sire at the National Show.
Freelance has had a profound impact in the well known Redwood Hills herd in California, where does are bred not only for show but also for milk.

We are very excited to use this homebred Freelance son on several does this fall!

         GrandSire: SGCH Milar-Farm Royal Image  +*B
Sire: SG Tempo Aquila Freelance  ++*B  LA  5-03  91  EEEE
         GrandDam: GCH Des-Ruhigestelle Free Thinker  4*M  LA 92

         GrandSire: Walnut-Fork Goosebump
Dam: Kori-Brook WFG Crazy Kaya
         GrandDam: GCH Walnut-Fork Sault Kansa 10*M LA 90


              Dam: Kori-Brook WFG Crazy Kaya                    GrandDam:  GCH Walnut-Fork Sault Kansa 10*M




CH Kori-Brook Sierra Kamikaze

LA 1-05 83 +VV
DOB: 2/15/11

Pictured as a 2yr old

We were quite excited when Kansa freshened with a set of twins from our first AI breeding! Kaze is extremely an extremely long, tall, and dairy buckling!

As you can see from the picture below, Kaze is similar in style to his sire, Ember Sierra. Kaze's first kid crop produced kids that were consistently longer and more dairy than their dams, without sacrificing strength of bone or width. We are excited to see additional daughters in 2013.

Four Ring Maryland Buck show
1x2nd, 3x1st, 1xRGCH, 3xGCH

GrandSire: Qu'Appelle V Ember ++*B
Sire: Redwood Hills Ember Sierra +*B
(paternal brother to SGCH Redwood Hills Ember Amicale 8*M)
GrandDam: SGCH Redwood Hills Dynamic Solace 9*M

GrandSire: SG One*Oak*Hill Dragonsault +*B LA 90
Dam: GCH Walnut-Fork Sault Kansa 10*M LA 90
GrandDam: GCH Walnut Fork Sam Kira 9*M LA 6-03 92 EEVE

GCH Walnut-Fork Sault Kansa 10*M Redwood Hills Ember Sierra +*B


Walnut-Fork Goosebump

LA  1-01  85 VV+
LA  3-04  90 VEE

DOB: 3/28/2009

Pictured June 2011, 2yrs old


The genetics behind this young buck are absolutely amazing! We are delighted for the chance to add such a buck as our new herdsire. His dam, Gooseberry, was 3rd in the 4 year old class at the 2008 Nationals. She is a long, tall doe with an amazing mammary. Kabul's dam, Kimchee, placed 3rd in the aged doe class and was the National Best Udder at the 2008 Nationals!! His double grandsire, Sedric, is the littermate to Sunshine Revive Seigi who was the 2001 ADGA National Best Udder! His full sister, Walnut Fork K. Dewberry, has placed in the top twenty at Nationals and has appraised 91 (VEVE) at 3 years of age. Dewberry was GCH, BUOB and BOB at the KY State Fair Exhibitor's Show in 2008.

Goose has tremendous width between the hocks which extends up into the escutcheon, a smooth shoulder assembly, and wonderful breed character! This young man is the total package!

Goose daughters show higher, wider rear udders with more globular shaped mammaries than their dams.

         GrandSire: SG Sunshine Seign Sedric ++*B (sire of 1st Senior Get, '04 National Show)
Sire: SG Walnut-Fork Sedric Kabul *B
          GrandDam: SGCH Walnut-Fork D Kimchee 8*M LA 6-03 92 EEEE
                              2006 Nationals 2nd place 5-6yr old with 2nd udder
                              2008 3rd place/1st place udder aged doe and National Best Udder

                              2010 Nationals 4th place 7 & Over and High Lifetime Fat Production

         GrandSire: SG Sunshine Seign Sedric ++*B (sire of 1st Senior Get, '04 National Show)
Dam: SGCH Walnut-Fork Sedric Gooseberry 11*M LA 5-05 91 EEEE
         GrandDam: SG Antiquity T. Raspberry 10*M LA 5-03 91 EEEE

SGCH Walnut-Fork Sedric Gooseberry 11*M
                              Photo courtesty of Walnut-Fork Alpines           

Goose daughter
Kori-Brook WFG Crazy Kaya
(pictured as a yearling)




Goldenbrooke Hope’s Dynasty *B

LA 1-03 87 VVV
DOB: 5/27/2007


Dynasty is a handsome young buck who appears a bit gangly as a yearling. He is very correct overall but will just need some time to pull it all together. His only daughter in 2008, Hendricks, appraised EcEcEc.

We are really liking the few daughters we have seen out of Dynasty.  Due to the addition of Goose and several planned AI breedings, Dynasty will not see much use in the 2009 breeding season.  However, he will still be our choice as back-up buck for the AI breedings.


          GrandSire: Willow Run Wonder Casino
Sire: Goldenbrooke WRWC Regis
          GrandDam: GCH Willow Run Jahveh Razi 2*M LA 91 VEEE
                               Maternal sister to 4xNational GCH Rishona

          GrandSire: Waiilatpu Tanner’s Elgin *B
Dam: GCH Brandt’s Brite Hope 1*M LA 92 VEEE
GrandDam: Brandt’s Bridgette

GCH Brandt’s Brite Hope  1*M LA 92 VEEE

GCH Willow Run Jahveh Razi 2*M LA 91 VEEE
Maternal sister to 4xNational GCH Rishona


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