CH Kori-Brook Smooth like Manning
DOB: 3/19/12

Purebred Nubian

LA 5-04 90  VEE

Tested G6S Normal



Pictured at 1yr of age

Semen Available







*B Tide Land Playboy Zane           
American Nubian
ADGA Young Sire Development Program Buck    
Tested G6S Normal
DNA Typed

DOB: 2/26/2014

Zane pictured as a 2yr old

Photo courtesy of Julie and Kyle Matthys

This spring I was scrolling through my Facebook feed one night and saw that Julie had posted that she was selling Zane.  I admired Zane's dam, Zesty, and I had been intrigued by this beautiful Playboy son ever since Julie announced she had purchased him.  We very quickly contacted Julie and in the blink of an eye, we agreed that Zane would be heading east to Pennsylvania.  Will his lines work in our herd?  I honestly don't know -- but I'm willing to take that risk.  His dam, Zesty, has a beautiful high, wide rear udder.  Zane is tall and long with a lovely personality.  I'm excited to see his kids in our herd. 

Our first Zane kids are here and we are so happy with them.  His kids are long, level with beautiful wide rumps and rear leg sets.  As a bonus, his kids tend to inherit his beautiful head and ears.  We will be freshening several daughters in 2019.

Zane semen is available.  5/$150

               GrandSire: M's Sagebrush Acres Dakota ++B
Sire:  SGCH J&R Spirit's Dakota Playboy +*B  LA 1-07  89
              GrandDam: SGCH J&R Spirit's DK Kovergirl 2*M  LA 92
                   2007 1st place yearling ADGA National Show
                   2009 ADGA Res National Champion and National Best Udder

Dam: SGCH Blossom-Thyme LZZ Zesty 2 *M 6-01 91 VVEE



Zane - pictured May 2018


SGCH Blossom-Thyme LZZ Zesty 2*M

Photo courtesty of Tide Land Dairy Goats



Scotchbriar Nimue's Wild Knight

American Nubian

G6S Normal by Parentage

DOB: 1/23/2018

In 2016, we saw the Scotchbriar herd in person.  Andrea Larry had used a Reese son, Kori-Brook Wild Romeo, with much success and when we saw his beautiful daughters and granddaughters in person, I knew that we needed to bring in those genetics.  It was a bit of a wait for the right buck kid, but we are pleased to add Knight to our breeding program.  His dam, Nimue, was the 6th place aged doe at the 2016 ADGA National Show and has multiple BOB/BDIS wins to her credit.  His paternal granddam, Joy, has the beautiful high, wide rear udder that I strive to have in our herd.  Joy was the 2016 ADGA Reserve National Champion.  We think Knight is an amazing combination of Andrea's best does.

Knight himself has one of the widest rumps I've seen on a buck kid with a beautiful rear leg set as well.

                GrandSire: Redwood Hills MC Empire Chaos
Sire:  Scotchbriar EC Wild Alex
                GrandDam: SGCH Scotchbriar Wild Joy LA 91 VEVE
                 2016 ADGA Res National Champion and Res Best Udder

                GrandSire: SGCH Kori-Brook Wild Romeo
                   (sire of 2016 Reserve National Champion)
SGCH Scotchbriar Nimue's Evening LA 90 VEVE     
                GrandDam: Scotchbriar Midsummer's Eve


Begley's-Trouble-Acres Swayze (owned by Sarah Amspacher)

M*L Legacy Callen

Chiques LCRF Optimal Strategy

Robinett's-Caprines Impulsive


Reference Bucks

These are bucks that we have owned and used in our breeding program.  Semen is available on most of them.

CH Kori-Brook Smooth like Manning
DOB: 3/19/12

Purebred Nubian

LA 5-04 90  VEE

Tested G6S Normal



For YEARS we have been trying to breed Madelyn to Smooth Operator.  Many, many attempts and many, many, straws were used and the culmination of all that time and patience is Manning!  He is everything we had hoped for with this breeding.  Even at a young age he shows more smoothness than his dam, Madelyn, while maintaining the width between the hocks that extends far up into the escutcheon. 

Manning's dam, Madelyn, stood 2nd with 1st place udder in the aged doe class at the 2011 Nationals.  She also won the High Lifetime Production awards as well.

Smooth Operator needs no introduction to the true Nubian enthusiasts!  Sired by the famous Frosty Marvin, Smooth is one of the most used (through AI) bucks in the country. He has at least 50 permanent champion offspring. His National Show accolades are SO impressive!  He sired the 1998 National Champion and was the great-grandsire of our own 2006 National Champion, SGCH Kori-Brook Un-Break Mi Corazon.  He had the 1st Place Senior Get in 1991, 1993, and 1994 and was selected as the National Premier Sire in 1991, 1993, and 1996.  Smooth, himself, was 7 times BBIS!!  He typically throws elegant, milky daughters with strong udders.  We can only hope that our little Manning will follow in his sire's hoofprints!

2013 Four Ring Maryland Buck Show
4x1st, 2xRGCH (behind Mozart)
         GrandSire: SGCH Hallcienda Frosty Marvin  ++*B
Sire: SGCH Kismet Marvin's Smooth Operator  ++*B        
         GrandDam: SGCH Kismet Hero's Nutmeg  2*M  CL 2-03  88
                               9xBU, 15xBOB, 8xBDIS

      GrandSire:  SGCH Round-About Smooth Vintage ++*B  LA 83 +VV
Dam:  SGCH Dancers-Ridge Vinnie Madelyn  1*M  LA 91  EEEE
       GrandDam:  Dancers-Ridge Chardys Madaira

Pictured as a yearling

Manning's Dam - Madelyn
Summer 2009

Manning's Dam - Madelyn
Nationals 2010

Kori-Brook Playboy Mansion
DOB: 3/8/14

Purebred Nubian

Tested G6S Normal

Mansion pictured July 2015

We purchased Playboy semen in 2009 shortly before his dam won Reserve National Champion and have been awaiting the time to use that semen in our breeding program. 

A huge, single buck kid, Mansion seemed a fitting name for this big boy.  He excels in dairy strength and general appearance and is extremely wide and open up into the escutcheon.

Mansion was 2x1st and 2xRJCH at the MD Four Ring Buck Show in 2014.  We saw limited daughters from Mansion in 2015, but we were very pleased with the 3 that we saw.  Mansion was not appraised in 2015.

         GrandSire: M's Sagebrush Acres Dakota ++B
Sire:  SGCH J&R Spirit's Dakota Playboy +*B  LA 1-07  89
         GrandDam: SGCH J&R Spirit's DK Kovergirl 2*M  LA 92
                     2007 1st place yearling ADGA National Show
                     2009 ADGA Reserve National Champion and National Best Udder

          GrandSire: Prairie-Patch Matlock
                             (sire of Prairie-Patch Miller)
Dam:  Kori-Brook Matlock Miley     
          GrandDam: SGCH Dancers-Ridge Vinnie Madelyn 1*M LA 91 EEEE

Maternal GrandDam
SGCH Dancers-Ridge Vinnie Madelyn *M
Pictured at 8yrs old in 2009

Mansion's Dam
Kori-Brook Matlock Miley
(pictured as a 1st freshening 2yr old)

Madelyn's Rear Udder

Blissberry Gamblin' Man

DOB: 3/25/14

LA 1-04  83  +++

Purebred Nubian

Tested G6S Normal

Gambler pictured July 2015

as a very gawky yearling (already in rut)

In 2012, I was taken by a beautiful blue roan doe kid on Facebook.  She was from the famous Kastdemur herd, but had just moved to Minnesota.  I obsessed over that doe for an entire year. The next summer I saw updated yearling pictures of the doe and decided that I wanted a buck kid from that doe.  I rarely gamble on first fresheners for new herdsires as I prefer to have a doe prove herself in the show ring and the milk bucket before using her sons as herdsires. 

But there was just something about that doe, Viva, that stuck in my head.  So in 2013, I took a deep breath and reserved a buck kid from a dry yearling.  Gambler arrived in late April 2014 and I was immediately impressed at his dairy strength, overall width, and height into the escutcheon.  In July 2014, I finally saw his dam in person and I was not disappointed.  Viva has some maturing to do, but I was very pleased with her well attached mammary and dairy strength.  Viva went on to place 6th in a large 2yr old class at the ADGA National show.  She has also appraised 89, which is the highest score a first freshening doe can achieve.  In 2015, Viva appraised 90 as a second freshening 3yr old.

At the 2016 ADGA National Show, Viva placed 6th in a large 4yr old class. 

Gambler was a very immature and awkward yearling.  He was so totally unlike my bucks that it was sometimes hard to look at him:  tall, leggy and super dairy.  Luckily, I had Josh to tell me to just be patient and give the poor boy some time to grow up.  Gambler has matured so much this year and is becoming quite the impressive buck.

Gambler did not do well in our multi-buck housing situation.  He was the lowest buck in the hierarchy and was abused by the older boys.  In his best interest, Gambler was sold to a 4H family where he would have a better life.  We hope to bring him back in a few years or to at least use him via AI.

         GrandSire:  SGCH Kastdemur's Most Wanted  LA 90 VEE
Sire:  CH Blissberry MW Rocketeer   LA 91 EEE       
         GrandDam:  SGCH Blissberry R Rockin' Robin  LA 90  VVEE

          GrandSire:  SGCH J&R Spirit's Dakota Playboy +*B  LA 1-07  89
Dam:  SGCH Kastdemur's Viva Las Vegas 4*M  LA 4-04  92 EEEE
          GrandDam:  SGCH Kastdemur's Mandalay Bay  LA 90 VVVE

Gambler's Sire
CH Blissberry MW Rocketeer   LA 91 EEE

Picture courtesy of Blissberry Nubians


Gambler's Dam
GCH Kastdemur's Viva Las Vegas  LA 89
Pictured as a dry yearling in 2013

Picture courtesy of Blissberry Nubians

SGCH Kastdemur's Viva Las Vegas 4*M

4yrs old

Photo Courtesy of Blissberry Nubians

SGCH Kastdemur's Viva Las Vegas 4*M

Rear Udder

Photo Courtesy of Blissberry Nubians

M*L Legacy Personified Scandal

DOB: 2/23/16

LA 1-05  83  +++

Tested G6S Normal

Photo coming Soon

I'm always looking for new bloodlines that may work in our herd.    I love the few kids we've seen from Kharm's maternal brother, Dakota Playboy, and wanted to try Kharm in our herd but I never managed to get my hands on semen.  I was super intrigued to see Julie and Kyle Matthys using Kharm on a promising young doe named Savannah.  When Savannah kidded with quints, I immediately jumped on adding an available buck kid.  While I really didn't need another buck, the genetics were too good to pass up, especially coming from a successful goat breeder like Julie.   Scandal's pedigree speaks for itself and I'm hoping will tie in nicely to our Playboy and Matlock lines.

Despite being a quint, Scandal arrived at our farm just as big as our February kids that were 2 to 3 weeks older.  (A testament to his breeder's management!)  Scandal stands on correct feet and legs with excellent width between the hocks that extends up into the escutcheon.   We'll be using Scandal on a few does this year to get a feel for what he will do in our herd. 

          Grandsire:  Lassenwood Miller Ozzie

Sire:  Alize Kharm Personified

          Granddam:  SGCH J&R Spirit's DK Kovergirl LA 92  (2009 Reserve National Champion & Best Udder)

          Grandsire: Alize Executive Sweet  (sire of the 2016 ADGA National Champion)

Dam: M*L Legacy Savannah

          Granddam:  CH Lakeshore Simply Irresistible   (2nd place/1st udder 4yr old & Reserve Best Udder at 2014 ADGA Nationals)


M*L Legacy Savannah

2yrs old

(Photo courtesy of Julie & Kyle Matthys)



CH Lakeshore Simply Irresistible

2014 National Reserve Best Udder

6yrs old

(Photo courtesy of Julie & Kyle Matthys)



CH Kori-Brook Matlock Mozart

purebred nubian
LA 1-05 88 VVV
DOB: 2/17/11

Pictured at 2 years

Semen Available



Mozart is my much awaited buckling from Madelyn's AI breeding to Matlock.  Mozart is striking in his coloration with a lovely head and beautiful set to the rear legs.  Our favorite view is the extreme width between the hocks that extends far into his escutcheon!

Mozart's dam, Madelyn, stood 2nd with 1st place udder in the aged doe class at the 2011 Nationals.  She also won the High Lifetime Production awards as well.

Mozart's paternal brother is Prairie-Patch Miller, who sired the 2005 ADGA National Champion and the 2006 ADGA Reserved National Champion.

We are very excited with Mozart's kids.  The one daughter that we retained, Kori-Brook Reality Check, earned her dry leg during 2012.

Mozart has been 3xGCH in 2012, but unfortunately the show was not official.

Mozart was 4x1st, 4xGCH, and 4xBBIS at the 2013 Four Ring Maryland Buck Show!!

Mozart was 2xBOB out of 4 rings at the 2014 MD Buck Show, (beaten once by his baby brother, Manning)

         GrandSire: Prairie-Patch Cozy Mel
Sire: Prairie-Patch Matlock
         (sire of Prairie-Patch Miller)
          GrandDam: Prairie-Patch Maggie Mae

            GrandSire:  SGCH Round-About Smooth Vintage ++*B     LA 83  +VV
Dam:  SGCH Dancers-Ridge Vinnie Madelyn  1*M  LA 91  EEEE
           GrandDam:  Dancers-Ridge Chardys Madaira


Mozart's Dam - Madelyn
Summer 2009


Mozart's Dam - Madelyn
Nationals 2010


Jacob's Pride Arizona Excelence *B

LA 1-02  87 VVV
DOB: 2/24/2009

Pictured above as a yearling

Pictured above at 2yrs

2010 Shows  Out of 9 times shown  --    9x1st and 5xRGCH
2011 Shows  Out of 3 times shown - 3x1st, 2xRGCH, 1xGCH,
and 1x BBIS!!!

Semen Available


I was searching to add new blood to the herd and after an extensive search, I decided on this young man from Debbie Emholtz's herd.  I have long admired the Jacob's Pride animals for their tremendous breed character, extreme dairyness, correct well attached mammaries and milk production.  I never imagined that we would actually ever ship an animal such a distance -- site unseen!  After many, many weeks of waiting, our buck arrived!  He was everything I had imagined and more!  Since we had referred to him as "the new Arizona buck" for so many weeks, the name Arizona seemed appropriate!  Arizona walked into the barnyard and staked his claim.  Then the unbelievable happened, our old girl Cori (who has always HATED buck kids!) fell in love with the handsome boy from the desert!  I was delighted to see Cori bred to Arizona!  I know that such an outcross is risky business in the Nubian world, but it is a risk worth taking in my opinion.  At least, Cori agreed with me!

Arizona's dam, Excelente, is strong in general appearance and smoothness of blending.  She also exhibits strong feet/legs with a well attached mammary, and lovely breed character.  Excelente was the 2005 INBA All American Jr Kid and has been 2xGCH, 2xRGCH and 1xBDIS.  She is truly a lovely doe and I am delighted to add her son to our little herd. 

We are delighted with our Arizona boy and we are even more pleased to see his gorgeous daughters this spring!!!!
Two daughters have freshened so far and we are quite impressed with their mammary systems.  Very strong udders, with great fore udders and lovely, soft udder texture!!!


          GrandSire: Goldthwaite Tied Up In Silver  *B  LA 90 VEE
Sire:  Goldthwaite Blue Ridge *B  YSA EcEcEc
          GrandDam: Goldthwaite My Bonny Felicity  6*M

           GrandSire:   SG Jacob's Pride Rock Show *B  LA  89 VEE
Dam:  SG Jacob's Pride El Show Excelente 9*M  LA 4-04  91 EEEE
           GrandDam: SGCH Jacob's Pride Rockelle 8*M  LA 7-07  92 EEEE


Dam:  SG Jacob's Pride El Show Excelente 9*M
(pictured above as a 2yr old, and pictured below as a 5 yr old)


Maternal GrandDam: SGCH Jacob's Pride Rockelle 8*M
(pictured as a 5yr old)

Photos Courtesy of Jacob's Pride Nubians 

CH Kori-Brook WRG Ransom *B

LA  1-03  83  +V+
LA 2-05 89 EEV
LA 4-02  91 EEE
DOB: 3/11/06

While Ransom was sold in the fall of 2011, we will continue to use him via AI. 

Pictured as a 3yr old
May 2009

Semen Available


A handsome blue roan, Ransom was kept on looks alone.  Tall and long, Ransom has an extremely wide rump.  His dam Reese, was 8th place 3yr old at the 2006 Nationals and 4th place in the 5 to 6 yr old class at the 2008 Nationals.  His sister, Rian finished her championship in 2008 and placed 14th in the 2yr old class at Nationals.  We are really liking Ransom’s daughters.  In 2008, 2 out of his 3 daughters in the herd appraised EcEcEc!!  

We are VERY pleased with Ransom's milking daughters, having high, wide rear udders, while being well attached and smoothly blended in the fore!  His 3 daughters in our herd have an LA average of 88 with excellent dairy character!

Show Record:
2009        4x1st  and 3xRGCH
2010        9x1st  and 7xGCH and 3xBBIS
                   (out of 9 times shown!!!)
2011        3x1st and 1xRGCH, 2xGCH

In 2010, Ransom finished his Championship by winning GCH in all 3 rings at PDGA/WPDGA show!!!  He also was BBIS in one ring!


          GrandSire:  Lotus Ladies Signature 
Sire:  Willow-Run Gideon +*B
          GrandDam:  GCH Soncare Gabriel  3*M  LA 8-05  90  EEEV
                                3 times National GCH, 2 times National Best Udder

           GrandSire:  SGCH Dancers-Ridge Southern Vintage  *B LA 89
Dam:  GCH Kori-Brook DRSV Reese  4*M     LA 92  EEVE
           GrandDam: GCH Kori-Brook DRD Ria de Ranza 3*M   88  EVVV

DAM: GCH Kori-Brook DRSV Reese  4*M  


SGCH Kori-Brook Sir Isaac Newton

LA 3-03  90  VEE
LA 4-05 90 EEE

Isaac is a giant of a goat who passes that height, length, and dairyness onto his offspring. His daughter, Jolie, was the 2006 Reserve Junior National Champion.  We hated to see Isaac leave the herd, but we have several daughters and also semen in the tank.  So Isaac was sold in the fall of 2008. 
Semen Available 5/$100

          GrandSire:  GCH Starfire’s LHBB Phlamboyant  *B
Sire:  Magnolia-Hollow SP Winston Kup
          GrandDam:  Kori-Brook Enchanted Mykayla     LA 89  E+EV

           GrandSire:  GCH Round-About Smooth Vintage  ++*B  LA 83  +VV
Dam:  Kori-Brook RASV Isabella
           GrandDam:  SGCH Kori-Brook WCC Esperanza 2*M  LA 88  VEVV

Kori-Brook RASV Isabella

Kori-Brook Southern Classic *B

LA 2-02  86 VVV
DOB: 3/08/2008

Classic is a handsome young buck who strongly resembles his sire Tigger.  We love his width and power.  He is particularly wide between the hocks when on the move and carries that width all the way up into his escutcheon.  We are delighted to announce that Classic qualified for the ADGA Young Sire Development Program!  Classic was used on most of the 2008 doelings and we are pleased with his first kid crop.

Semen is available, 5/$150

Reluctantly, Classic was sold fall 2010.  He was just too related to most of the herd for us to be able to use him effectively. 

        GrandSire: GCH Round-About Smooth Vintage ++*B LA 83 +VV
Sire: SGCH Dancers-Ridge Southern Vintage *B LA 89
          GrandDam: SGCH Dancers-Ridge Southern Belle 1*M LA 90 EVEE 

          GrandSire:  GCH Round-About Smooth Vintage ++*B     LA 83  +VV
Dam:  SGCH Kori-Brook Un-Break Mi Corazon 1*M  LA  92  EEEE 
                      (2006 National Champion & Reserve Best Udder)
          GrandDam: Kori-Brook Solamente Amor

DAM: SGCH Kori-Brook Un-Break Mi Corazon 1*M 

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