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Legendairy RHBT Rhonan

(son of the 2018 National Champion, Rhubiayat)

Kori-Brook Rising Fawkes (Phoenix x Hogg's-Hideaway DD Vengence)



CH Kori-Brook Sweeten the Deal

DOB: 3/23/2012

Pictured at 2 years of age
 We were super excited when we settled Suri AI to Prince.  Disappointment that there was no doe kid born, was quickly replaced with intrigue as we were super impressed by this young buck.  Dealer has width, length and style.  He was the biggest kid born in 2012 -- weighing a hefty 15 pounds at birth!  We are very excited to get him into the show ring this season!

At the 2013 Four Ring Maryland Buck Show, Dealer placed 4x2nd place yearling AOP (behind Manning).  Dealer has an ideal Ober head with excellent breed character throughout.  He has an extremely wide rump with great width between the hocks and an open escutcheon.  We love the flatness of bone and open ribbing as well.

We were quite pleased with the few Dealer kids we had this year.  His daughter, Kori-Brook Hope's Tiara, just appraised Ec overall for the Von Thun's of Sparkling Acres Oberhaslis.  Two of his 3 daughters have earned their dry legs.

          GrandSire:  SGCH Tonka-Tails Court Jester  ++*B
Sire:  CH Tonka-Tails Tipperary Prince  *B
          GrandDam:  Tonka-Tails Rae of Hope

           GrandSire:  Dynamic California Cruiser
Dam:  CH Sparkling Acres Sweet Surrender   
 GrandDam:  Sparkling Acres Sweet N' Sassy

CH Sparkling Acres Chasin’ Aces

LA 2-02  86 VVV
DOB: 3/11/2008



Chase - pictured May 2009 as a yearling

Sadly, we sold Chase in the fall of 2011.  With only 2 oberhasli does to breed to him and having achieved his championship, there was little more he could do in our herd.  Chase moved to NH where we are sure he will continue to do great things for his new owners.

Check back as we will be adding a new ober buckling in 2012, either from our own amazing doe, Sweet Surrender, or from one of the beautiful does in the Sparkling Acres herd located in NJ.
Chase came to us from the Von Thuns to help ensure that our Obies would definitely be bred Oberhasli last year!  He is wide and strong, but still quite dairy. I love the gorgeous head on this boy. His maternal brother, Sparkling Acres BT Hot Shot, sired the 1st place Junior kid and 14th place 2yr old milker at the 2008 Nationals.

It is so hard to believe that our little mischeivious Ober boy has grown into such a handsome young man!  Chase's first kids are hitting the ground and we are delighted with their width and breed character!  Chase has his first milking daughter, Kori-Brook Sweet Sensation, owned by the Sparkling Acres herd in NJ.  We hear she looks great and has lots of POTENTIAL!

Chase finished his championship in 2010 by winning BBIS in BOTH RINGS at the Delmarva Buck Expo on May 8th. 

Show Record:
2009       4x1st, 3xRGCH, and 1xGCH
2010       6x1st, 2x2nd, 1x3rd, 3xRGCH,
               3xGCH, and 3xBBIS
2011       3xBOB (3 times shown)

Semen is available:  5/$100

          GrandSire:  One*Oak*Hill Pecan Accord
Sire:  Cream-of-Kansas’ ChalisAcclaim
          GrandDam:  CH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Challice

           GrandSire:  Windrace Farm Shadow Magic Jaz  +*B

Dam:  SGCH Sparkling Acres Jingling Twist  1*M  LA 5-02 88 

           GrandDam:  Sparkling Acres Candie Kiss

SGCH Sparkling Acres Jingling Twist  1*M 

Bucks Used through AI


CH Tonka-Tails Tipperary Prince  +*B

2010 and 2011 ADGA National Show Premier Sire
LA 92  EEE

Prince comes from an impressive pedigree.  I was quite impressed with his offspring in the Ober-Boerd herd at the 2010 Nationals, especially as his daughters garnered major awards including Reserve Junior National Champion, National Champion, and Reserve Best Udder.  I was impressed with the consistent style and dairy character that his daughters possessed.  In 2011, we decided to purchase semen and we were then delighted to once again find his daughters showing so well at the National Show.  We have decided to put all our "ober eggs" in one basket as both Suri and Hope will be bred AI to this amazing buck.

           GrandSire:  Destiny-Farm Star Man +*B 
Sire:  SGCH  Tonka-Tails Court Jester  ++*B  LA  91 EEE
                               2006 National Premier Sire
            GrandDam:  SGCH Tonka-Tails Parsons Divinity  3*M
                               1996, 1997, 1998 National Champion

           GrandSire:  Tonka-Tails Sgt. Pepper  +*B                        
Dam:  SG Tonka-Tails Rae of Hope
           GrandDam:  SGCH Tonka-Tails Kendall Rae
                               2001 National Champion
                               2000 and 2002 Nationa Reserve Champion

Windrace Farm Shadow Magic Jaz  +*B

LA 90

Our Obers have come from the Sparkling Acres herd in New Jersey.  Magic Jaz was their foundation sire and produced some gorgeous daughters in their herd, such as GCH Sparkling Acres Kiara Twist.  Kiara is the dam of our own phenomenal Ober, GCH Sparkling Acres Rae of Hope!  When the Von Thuns graciously gave us some Jaz semen to "play with," we knew just how to use it!  We are hoping to settle Hope to her grandsire and expect some outstanding kids!

          GrandSire:  Clovertops Sir Hatch  +*B
Sire:  F.D.F.-Pleasant-Fields Shadow  *B 
          GrandDam:  GCH Destiny Farm Serendipity *M   LA 87 
                                     1996 National Best Udder of Breed

           GrandSire:  Prancing Neanderthal Man  +*B

Dam:  Pinewood-Acre Jasmine  1*M

           GrandDam:  Highwater Rustic


Cream-of-Kansas' Time Delay

In our never ending quest to breed a better Oberhasli, we stumbled across Time Delay in a Frozen Assets catalog.  It did not take long to decide that we needed to add this boy to our arsenal for future use.  We plan to utilize this boy in our AI program in 2010.

          GrandSire:  FDF-Pleasant-Fields Macco 
Sire:   FDF-Pleasant-Fields My Time
          GrandDam:  Sunlyn FDF Four Time

           GrandSire:   One*Oak*Hill Pecan Accord

Dam:  SGCH Nu-Life Delight
           2006 National Champion & Best Udder

           GrandDam:  Sunlyn FDF Three Time



Tonka-Tails Troubadour

YSA  Ec (EcVEc)

Troubadour’s pedigree really speaks for itself.  His full sister, SGCH Tonka-Tails Violet of Toulouse (LA  2-07 90 VEEE), was the 2004 National Junior Champion and was  the 1st place (and 1st udder) 4yr old at the 2008 Nationals in Kentucky.    Troubadour sired the 7th place and 12th place 3 yr olds at the 2008 Nationals.  We were so pleased when we were able to purchase Troubadour semen and are very anxious to see his first kids here at Kori-Brook.

           GrandSire:  Willow Run Cayenne Herod *B
                              Paternal Brother to Hassida (2003, 2004, & 2008 National Champion)
                              2001 Spotlight Sale Buck
Sire:  CH Loughlin’s Playing with Fire *B  LA  92  EEE
                               2002 Spotlight Sale Buck
                               2004 National Premier Sire
             GrandDam:  SGCH Body-Shops MCB Raisin  3*M LA  92 EEEE
                               1998 Colorama Sale Doe

                GrandSire:  SGCH  Tonka-Tails Court Jester  ++*B  LA  91 EEE
                                2002 National Premier Sire
Dam:  SGCH Tonka-Tails Jester’s Mischief  1*M LA  90 VEEE
                              4th place w/ 2nd udder at the 2002 Nationals
                GrandDam:  Tonka-Tails Lorelei

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